Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair

The Name Says It All

Welcome to Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair.  We understand the integral role a refrigerator plays in daily routines.  Add dinner parties, guests, big families or kids into the mix and a broken down SubZero appliance is a disastrous situation that you don’t want to be in.

Luckily, we know SubZero refrigeration like the back of our hand.  You can trust our Senior Technicians to handle your Sub Zero appliance repair from beginning to end.  Whether you need a SubZero refrigerator repair, SubZero freezer repair, SubZero ice maker repair, SubZero wine cooler repair, SubZero under counter ice makers or fridges you’ve come to the right place.

We can repair all models such as Sub Zero 532, Sub Zero 550, Sub Zero 561, Sub Zero 632, Sub Zero 642, Sub Zero Pro 648 Pro, Sub Zero 650, Sub Zero 650, Sub Zero 700, and more.

We use original Sub Zero parts direct from the manufacturer.   Excellent repair work and SubZero service is our goal.  Our technicians have been trained from the very best and are among the friendliest repairmen you will ever meet.

You can feel at ease knowing you’re with the right company. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and have recently earned a BBB Gold Star Certificate.

Whether you are looking for Refrigerator Repair Houston or our specialized Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Services we hope you make us your #1 choice for your  needs.

We Repair:

  • Sub-Zero fridge
  • Sub-Zero refrigerator
  • Sub-Zero ice maker
  • Sub-Zero freezers
  • Sub-Zero under counter refrigerator
  • Sub-Zero under counter ice maker
  • Sub-Zero wine cooler

SubZero Models (most common):

  • SubZero Pro 48
  • SubZero 48
  • Sub Zero 200 Series: 2011ICE 201FD,201R, 201RIM,211RFD,215FD, 221M,241RFD,244RDF,245RFD, 249FF, 249RP,2511RFD, 251RFD,2711,2811
  • Sub Zero 300 Series: 3211RFD, 361RFD
  • Sub Zero 400 Series: 424,424-2,427,427-2,427R,427R-2,430,430-2
  • Sub Zero 500 Series: 501F,501R,511,532,542,550,561,590
  • Sub Zero 600 Series: 601F-2,601F-3,601R-2,601R-3,601RG-2,611-3,611G-3,632-2,632-3,642-2,642-3,648PRO,650-3,650/S,650G-3,661-2,680,680F,685-3,690/F,695-3
  • Sub Zero 700 Series: 700BCI-3,700BFI,700BFI-2,700BFI-3,700BR,700BR-2,700BR-3, 700TCI,700TCI-2,700TCI-3,700TFI,700TFI-2,700TFI-2V,700TFI-3,700TR,700TR-2,700TR-3
  • Sub Zero 800 Series: 801RFD
  • Sub Zero B Series: BI-30U,BI-30UG,BI-36F,BI-36R,BI-36RG,BI-36S,BI-36U,BI-36UG,BI-42S,BI-42SD,BI-48S, BI-48SD
  • Sub Zero I Series: IC-27F,IC-27R
  • Sub Zero U Series: UC-24B,UC-24C,UC-24R,UC24RO

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair  I  Local Appliance Repair You Can Trust