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BLOG I Houston Sub Zero Repair Tips

27 Apr , 2015,
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To troubleshoot your Sub Zero refrigerator keep in mind these simple tips. IF your unit has a digital display, see below for useful Sub Zero repair tips.

  • Error Codes
    • Assess if you are getting any SubZero error codes (EC 24, 08, 07, etc.)
  • Indicator Lights
    • Are any indicator lights turned on (i.e., service light or vacuum condenser light)
      • Many of these indicator lights can be resolved by a simple and thorough cleaning of the condenser coil.
      • Proper maintenance and cleaning of your Sub Zero appliance will keep the unit running at its best. A small percentage of customers opt to perform the cleaning on their own. 
      • IF, DIY is not your forte, SubZero Repair Houston can assist you. IF, you choose to do this on your own, take this precaution to avoid injury: cleaning must only be done after turning off the unit and once the heat of the compressor and condenser compartment has cooled.


In all Sub Zero models, it is important to clean and maintain the unit every 6 months or every year. A Sub Zero refrigerator not cooling, or leaking water can often times result from having a dirty condenser coil.

Clogged coils can cause the refrigerator to stop cooling entirely. It is important to address these problems as soon as possible.

Get your unit cleaned and inspected, if you see these early warning signs:

  • Excess dust and lint on the compressor grill cover
  • Panel and door frames heating up
  • Any and or all indicator lights on
  • Any signs of water, condensation, or rust
  • If any of these conditions exist for an extended period of time irreparable damage can be caused such as peeling and or yellowed paint, rust, and more

If you are in doubt about how to clean your unit or have specific questions related to your appliance, call to speak to one of our representatives (281)-558-7350.