Sub-Zero Freezer Repair



Sub-Zero Freezer Repair

Did you know that -5°F to 5°F is the proper freezing temperature for your SubZero freezer? It’s no coincidence that SubZero literally means below 00°F, which indicates the freezing point.

Is your freezer stocked with meat, poultry, seafood or even better yet ice cream?  Whatever you choose to freeze, we know SubZero freezers are designed to hold larger volumes of food than your typical unit.  So, we take your cooling issues (or lack thereof) very seriously. We have experienced and professional technicians who can help with your Sub-Zero freezer repair needs.

We believe in offering effective Sub-Zero freezer repair and excellent SubZero service.  So, we will only send you a qualified Sub Zero technician to look at your Sub-Zero freezer. This means your technician is knowledgeable and dedicated to working only on Sub Zero appliances and other high end appliance repair issues.

Whether you have a SubZero side by side refrigerator freezer or a SubZero freezer, we can handle all your repair work from beginning to end.  We also deal with built-in freezers on a daily basis and always work carefully to protect surrounding areas.

If your freezer is not keeping items frozen, ice maker is not making ice, freezer is leaking water, is making noise or is displaying any other perplexing symptoms, let us help you with your freezer repair Houston.

If you choose us for your repair work, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with us. We offer same day appliance repair and service.  Our customer always come first.  As a result of our exceptional service and repair, we have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB for over a year.

Call us today to schedule a same day appliance repair appointment for your Sub-Zero Freezer Repair.

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